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Leave No Stone Unturned: Margaret’s Plan to Create Jobs and Get Minnesotans Back to Work

The most important job of Minnesota’s next governor will be leading our state successfully to economic recovery – and getting people back to work.  I’m personally fully committed to leading this effort.  

Here’s how I’ll do it. As governor, I’ll:

  1. Grow Minnesota businesses;
  2. Invest in Minnesotans;
  3. Institute a new approach for economic growth; and
  4. Position Minnesota for the future.

When elected governor, my administration will immediately get to work addressing each of these areas in order to create jobs and get people working again.

I believe a diverse economy makes for a stable, strong economy – and our small businesses and farms are at the heart of our state’s economy.  Growing up on a family farm in Blue Earth County, I know the value of our rural areas and the contributions businesses and workers in these areas provide.  That’s why my plan supports all businesses throughout Minnesota.

1.  Grow Minnesota Businesses

The economic downturn has increased competition for jobs nationally. In the race to create jobs, states are pulling out all the stops; promising all kinds of financial incentives to attract businesses to their state with little result.  The truth is economic growth is more likely to come from Minnesota businesses, especially small firms, than from those recruited outside the state. I will continue to look for opportunities to attract new businesses to Minnesota, but put a renewed focus on supporting our businesses already here.  Small firms with fewer than 100 employees now account for the largest share of our state’s businesses and generate the most jobs.  That’s why my plan focuses on supporting existing businesses, so they can grow and expand, as well as establishing new Minnesota businesses.

2.  Invest in Minnesotans

Simply put, we must invest in Minnesotans if we are to create many more good-paying jobs.  New jobs will require more education and training. Demand for college-educated and highly trained workers is also increasing as more Baby Boomers exit the labor force, causing a shortage of workers with the most education and experience.  

A survey of more than 4,000 businesses found Minnesota workers perform better than workers in other states. In addition, businesses reported the availability of high- and low-skilled workers is good to excellent.18 We must maintain this competitive advantage and improve on it.

3. Institute a New Approach for Economic Growth

Although we are a leading state in biosciences, specialized manufacturing, renewable energy generation, and agriculture, and other industries, Minnesota’s current approach to economic development lacks direction.  Despite the potential for tens of thousands of jobs in these areas, no statewide economic roadmap exists to make the full extent of this growth possible. It’s likely we are missing out on growth opportunities because we don’t know they exist. In these difficult economic times, we can’t afford to let any opportunity for growth pass by.

4.  Position Minnesota for the Future

We need to do everything we can to position Minnesota for future economic success and that starts now. Whether or not we live up to our economic potential will rest on the priorities we define today. As governor, I’ll work to:

  • Give every child-from birth to pre-k to college – the opportunity for a world-class education;
  • Provide access to affordable, quality health care coverage for all Minnesotans, ensuring our workforce is healthy and productive; and
  • Invest in 21st Century infrastructure to support businesses as well as unite our cities, suburbs, and rural communities.

Each of these three areas – education, health care, and transportation – represents a pillar that supports our economy in different yet related ways. As governor, I’ll always make them a priority in good times and bad. By doing each of these things – we’ll be well-positioned to grow and attract businesses that will create good-paying jobs of the future right here.

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