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Growing Minnesota's Economy and Creating Jobs

Leave No Stone Unturned: Margaret's Plan to Create Jobs and Get Minnesotans Back to Work

The most important job of our next governor will be leading our state in economic recovery and getting Minnesotans back to work. Read more…

Education – Pre-K-12

Margaret knows education is the foundation to a strong economy.  Investing in Minnesotans is the key to attracting and expanding businesses that will create good-paying jobs.

Margaret believes every child deserves to have a world-class education. She attended and graduated from Mankato public schools, and her two children, attend Minneapolis public schools. Read more…

Higher Education

Margaret believes education should be a lifelong learning process, and that starts by making higher education more affordable and accessible.

Our community and technical colleges are valuable assets to our education system, and we must find ways to eliminate barriers that prevent Minnesotans from accessing two-year degree programs. Read more…

Health Care

Margaret will expand health care coverage and ensure Minnesota has a healthy, productive workforce. 

One way to jump-start our economic recovery is to control the rising cost of health care coverage. Read more…

Candidate Disclosure Reform

Candidate Disclosure Reform

Currently, Minnesota has one of the worst candidate financial disclosure laws in the country. We are ranked 40th in the nation by the non-partisan Center for Public Integrity (CPI). CPI gave Minnesota an “F” grade in their comprehensive state-by-state analysis of personal financial disclosure laws. Read more…

Agriculture and Rural Areas 

Margaret spent half of her life on a farm in southern Minnesota, and has a real working knowledge of agriculture and rural issues.

Minnesota’s rural economy impacts our entire state from the food we eat to the renewable energy we generate. Read more…

Energy and the Environment

Margaret will promote energy independence through a greater reliance on clean, renewable resources, and continue Minnesota’s strong tradition of environmental stewardship that partners with practical economic considerations.

As Speaker, Margaret championed the passage of a renewable energy standard that requires 25 percent of the state’s electricity must come from clean, renewable resources by 2025. Read more…

Veterans and Military

Margaret is committed to honoring our veterans and supporting those serving in Minnesota’s National Guard.

Under her leadership, the House passed legislation to help returning military members readjust to civilian life and to continue their education and professional development. Read more…

A Jobs Budget

A Jobs Budget that Protects Minnesota's Priorities

Minnesota has more than a budget problem – we face a jobs deficit. Almost 204,000 Minnesotans are out of work and tens of thousands more are underemployed, working harder and earning less. As Governor, I will do everything it takes to get Minnesota back to work. Facing a projected $5.8 billion budget deficit, I will fight for a balanced budget solution that creates jobs and protects Minnesota’s highest priorities. Read more…


Fighting for Our Seniors and their Children and Grandchildren

Margaret will fight to make Minnesota a great place for our seniors and their children and grandchildren. As a mother and daughter, Margaret understands the important role that seniors play in their families, in their communities and in Minnesota. Read more…


Margaret has a proven track record of supporting diversity.

Margaret is a strong supporter of marriage equality for all Minnesotans.  She will work to advance this legislation, and as governor, sign it into law. Read more…

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