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Margaret Anderson Kelliher Stands United With Mark Dayton

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Margaret Anderson Kelliher released this statement this morning.


“I just spoke with Mark Dayton and congratulated him on winning the DFL primary.  I offered him my full support. He will make an excellent governor.


“I am so grateful for all of the hard work of our volunteers and supporters over the last twelve months. This was a people-powered, grassroots campaign and we should all be proud of what we achieved together.


“In Minnesota we value every person’s voice and count every person’s vote. And that’s what happened in this election. 


“Today we will come together as DFLers. We will unite behind Mark Dayton, and beat Tom Emmer in November.”



Margaret Anderson Kelliher

DFL-endorsed Kelliher Wins Final Debate

SAINT PAUL, MN – DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher was welcomed to the Fitzgerald Theater tonight by Senator Al Franken, Representative Keith Ellison, Mayor Chris Coleman, and a crowd of cheering supporters. Kelliher entered the final debate of the primary season to cheers of “Margaret! Margaret! Margaret!”

Throughout the debate it was clear, Kelliher is the DFL’s best and only choice to beat Tom Emmer in November.

“After 24 years, it is time to elect a DFL Governor again,” Kelliher told supporters. “I am proud to have the DFL endorsement, and I can’t wait to take on Tom Emmer. Now let’s go out and win this election!”

During the debate, Kelliher emphasized that this is the most important gubernatorial election in a generation.

“Minnesotans are all worried about the same things: how to pay the bills, how to pay the mortgage, and how to send our kids to college,” said Kelliher. “That’s why who we choose to be our next Governor matters now, more than ever.

US Senator Amy Klobuchar's Letter to DFLers

Dear DFLers,

I’m writing to ask you to vote for Margaret Anderson Kelliher in Tuesday’s primary, and to volunteer your time and effort in any way you can over the next few days.  I had planned to spend this weekend helping Margaret at events around the state, but on Monday my family received the very sad news that my mom had passed away.  While I will be there in spirit, I know there will be thousands of you cheering Margaret on and your support will be critical to her victory.

Throughout this long campaign, Margaret has clearly demonstrated that she has the experience and vision to lead Minnesota out of these difficult times. Her dedication to producing results that benefit our state is exactly what we need in the governor’s mansion for the next four years.  

We DFLers are lucky to have had so many strong candidates for governor, but now is the time to come together behind Margaret and enter the general election united and unstoppable.  I know I can count on you to join me.


Amy Klobuchar

Kelliher, Gunyou and Rybak to Fire Up Volunteers Today in Minneapolis

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher, DFL-endorsed candidate for Lieutenant Governor John Gunyou, and Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak will fire up campaign volunteers today at the CD5 DFL office in Minneapolis. Volunteers will be making phone calls today as part of a massive GOTV effort. Kelliher volunteers are making 295,000 phone calls and knocking on 30,000 doors this week.



Kelliher, Rybak, and Gunyou at Minneapolis DFL Office

3017 27th Ave South

Minneapolis, MN


DFL-endorsed Kelliher Kicks Off Massive GOTV Operation

SAINT PAUL, MN – DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher gathered with supporters at DFL Headquarters today in Saint Paul. Kelliher and DFL supporters kicked off a massive 5-day Get-Out-The-Vote effort ahead of the August 10th primary.

“I am proud to stand here as your DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor,” Kelliher said to a cheering crowd of DFLers. “We will win on August 10th because thousands of Minnesotans poured hours of their time and hard work into this campaign. We will win because of you.”

This week, volunteers are making more than 295,000 phone calls and knocking on 30,000 doors in every corner of the state. It’s part of an aggressive final push leading up to the August 10th primary.

“Hard-working, dedicated volunteers are talking with their friends and neighbors across Minnesota about why Margaret should be our next Governor,” said Kelliher campaign manager Jaime Tincher.

Kelliher's Farm Roots Show in Farmfest Debate

REDWOOD COUNTY, MN – DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher’s farm roots showed strong today at the Farmfest gubernatorial debate in Redwood County. Kelliher, who grew up on a small dairy farm in Blue Earth County, took on Tom Emmer for his opposition to biofuels and Local Government Aid.                 

“My opponent Tom Emmer has repeatedly voted against policies that would help farming families and grow rural economies,” said Kelliher. “From flip-flopping on E20 in 2005, to voting against the biodiesel mandate twice in 2008, to opposing Local Government Aid, Tom Emmer has been no friend to rural Minnesota.

“Minnesota needs a Governor who understands our whole state. Agriculture represents 20 percent of Minnesota’s economy. We can’t afford a Governor who doesn’t understand rural economic policies, or the challenges facing our farming families. Minnesota must and can do better than Tom Emmer.”

Minnesota Daily: Kelliher for DFL Ticket

In politics and policy, Margaret Anderson Kelliher is best for the DFL.

PUBLISHED: 08/04/2010



Minnesotans go to the polls Tuesday to choose who will compete for the governorship. DFLers trying to win a governor’s race for the first time since most students were born face a three-way choice between some of the more experienced politicians in the race. Yet they must nominate the candidate with the ideas necessary to pull the state out of its upcoming $6 billion budget deficit. That candidate is Margaret Anderson Kelliher. 


Since funding determines the level of services the state can provide — education, health care, safety — any candidate who wants to make changes in these areas must be able to find a way to pay for them.  The key question for the upcoming DFL primary is simple: Who among the candidates has a solid plan for the state of Minnesota and the political acumen to implement it?


Minnesota Daily Endorses Margaret Anderson Kelliher for Governor

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher earned another key editorial board endorsement today in the race for Governor. The Minnesota Daily endorsed Kelliher today, saying, “The Editorial Board interviewed every candidate and we think Kelliher has the smartest approach to filling the $6 billion budget gap.”

The endorsement went on to say, “[DFLers] must nominate the candidate with the ideas necessary to pull the state out of its upcoming $6 billion budget deficit. That candidate is Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

The Minnesota Daily is an entirely student produced and managed newspaper serving the University of Minnesota campus and surrounding community.

Kelliher said of today’s announcement, “It is an honor to receive the endorsement of the Minnesota Daily – a source of information and informed opinion that Minnesota students know and trust.

Massive Ground Operation Earning Votes for Margaret Anderson Kelliher

DULUTH, MN – From the North Shore to the Minnesota River Valley, volunteers in every corner of the state were making phone calls and knocking on doors today for DFL-endorsed candidate for Governor Margaret Anderson Kelliher. It’s part of a massive ground operation to make 295,000 phone calls and knock on 30,000 doors in just one week.

“Hard-working, dedicated volunteers across Minnesota are making all the difference in this election,” said Kelliher campaign manager Jaime Tincher. “Knocking on thousands of doors and making thousands of phone calls – that’s how you win a primary election in Minnesota.”

Kelliher volunteers reached out to more than 26,130 DFL primary voters today, bringing Margaret’s message of good jobs and great schools to every corner of the state.

Kelliher’s running mate John Gunyou fired up supporters making phone calls in Duluth this afternoon. Volunteers of all ages were on the phones, making the case to vote for Margaret Anderson Kelliher in the August 10th primary election.

A Letter from MYDFL Chair Arron Olson

Hello Everyone,

Many of you are well aware that the Primary this year is August 10th. Next Tuesday we will pick our candidate for Governor, a decision that should not be taken lightly. It is my hope that everyone in the DFL will strongly support the winner next week, and all of us will work exceedingly hard to take back the Governor's Mansion.

For the few of you who have not yet decided, you should take a look at the debate aired Sunday night:

Minnesota Young DFL endorses Margaret Anderson Kelliher for many reasons, far too many to properly describe in a message to you all. 

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